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Dear medical laboratory representative,

This research is carried out as a part of the doctoral thesis at Vilnius University. Its purpose is to measure the impact of the application of quality management principles and methods on error management culture, risk management maturity, and risk management performance. Medical research laboratories worldwide comprise the target population of this research. Research respondents are representatives of medical research laboratories who are familiar with risk management practices in their laboratories. The results of this research will contribute to better decision-making in medical research laboratories regarding the improvement of risk management performance.

The research is conducted in the format of a survey questionnaire. I want to invite one representative of your laboratory to fill out the questionnaire, which contains only closed questions. Filling out the questionnaire can last more or less 15-20 minutes. Instructions for completing the questionnaire are explained in the online questionnaire. The decision to participate is entirely voluntary. The anonymity of participants and confidentiality of the data, in the role of the basic ethical principles, is ensured. The data will be used exclusively for purposes of the current research and statistically processed in an aggregate manner.

The survey questionnaire is available by opening the link:



You are able to write a personal message to the researcher regarding the summarized findings of this research. I am most grateful for your invaluable collaboration in this study, and your interest and help. I appreciate your contribution to science!

 Veronika Buckė, a doctoral student at Vilnius University, Lithuania

E-mail address: veronika.bucke@evaf.stud.vu.lt